What to Wear to A Spring Picnic This Year

What to Wear to A Spring Picnic This Year

Spring means the time when you can actually spend more time outdoors and celebrate the end of the cold weather. Enjoying the nature that becomes alive again, the flowery-scented fresh air, and the chirping birds can be so fun when done with friends. So, planning to have a spring picnic this week but don’t know what to wear? Here are some ideas on what to wear for a spring picnic.

Printed Shorts


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A pair of cute shorts with interesting printed patterns define the cheerfulness of springtime very well. You should definitely wear this fashion item to your spring picnic date with friends or lovers.

Denim Cutoffs

Denim cutoffs

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Want to look casual, stylish, fun, and sexy at the same time? Wearing some denim cutoffs is the easiest way. Choose a pair that hugs your bum and thigh comfortably and some prints that aren’t boring. An extra length is nice for an extra comfort while sitting.



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The easiest footwear to match with the denim cutoffs is espadrilles. There are different types you can choose for other types of outfits too: slipper, wedges, or flatform espadrilles.

Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirt

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You can easily wear a chambray shirt for a beach casual style all day on summer days. However, the style can also easily be adopted as a spring picnic look. Chambray tops are always casual and make the wearer look effortlessly fun. Combine it with pom-pom shorts for the ultimate relaxed style.

Floral Maxi Dress

Floral maxi dress

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Get in the mood of spring by looking the look: choose your favorite maxi dress in floral prints and let your beauty and elegance radiates. This will be the perfect dress for a nice photo session at the flower garden.

White Sneakers

Maxi dress

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Opt for a pair of white sneakers to dress your maxi dress down. Add some blazer and this turns into the perfect outfit for an outdoor gathering at the beginning of springtime.



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Your classic white sundress will also be the perfect outfit to wear to a spring picnic. But, since spring is always about colors, make sure to add some colored accessories instead of opting for all white!



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Of course we cannot forget culottes when talking about springtime. If you think that trousers are not casual enough but shorts don’t give enough protection against the temperature, then culottes can easily be the alternative!