How to Style Your Little Black Dress and Upgrade Your Appearance

How to Style Your Little Black Dress and Upgrade Your Appearance

A little black dress is every girl’s must have item. We all have that one (or maybe two) little black dress(es) that we can wear to parties, dates, and all sorts of occasions. But, doesn’t it get boring to wear that favorite dress to all your favorite events? Well, not if you know how to spice it up a little bit with these easy tricks.

Here are some of the easiest way to style your little black dress.

With an animal print coat

Animal print coat

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Adding your animal print or bright-patterned coat is one of the easiest ways on how to make your little black dress look more luxurious and stunning.

With patterned tights and hosiery

Patterned tights

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Patterned tights are inexpensive, yet they are very effective at improving the visual interest of a little black dress. Pick your favorite pattern and wear the dress to the party.

By adding an embellished collar

Embellished collar

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An embellished and detachable collar is an easy way to make a little black dress less plain and boring. You can choose from the adorable collars that are available to add some style to your dress.

With sneakers


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A pair of sneakers always adds a special touch to anything a girl wear. Give your feet some rest by wearing some comfortable sneakers instead of high heels.

With moto jacket


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Want to add some masculinity to your dress? It is possible. Just put a nice moto jacket over your little dress and you will look tough and bold.

With printed bomber jacket

Bomber jacket

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Make your evening black dress street style-appropriate by layering it up with a bomber jacket. You can also wear this style on the way to the party and just put the jacket off once you arrive.

With high knee boots

High knee bots

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To add some sophistication to your simple little black dress, wear it with a pair of high knee boots and layer them up with a coat or jacket for a cool date night.

With a styled flannel shirt


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Style a flannel shirt or just wear it over your LBD to get some vintage and casual feel.

With a statement necklace


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An addition of a piece of chunky and eye-catching necklace can make your simple black dress more appealing and unique. Just be careful not to overdo it!