9 Trendy Ways to Style Your Summer Hats This Year

9  Trendy Ways to Style Your Summer Hats This Year

Summer won’t be complete without cute summer hats! Summer hats play important roles in protecting you against the dangerous ultraviolet rays and the midday summer heat. Moreover, they also boost your style. You can experiment with a lot of looks with your summer hats They are definitely one of the most must-have accessories for the coming summer days.

So, are you ready with your summer hats and are looking for an inspiration to wear them in style? Here are some ideas on how to style the hats.

With a striped dress


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This is probably one of the classic all American look that never goes outdated or wrong. A striped dress and a floppy summer hat should be one of your summer staples to look effortlessly casual and fun.

With a button down shirt

Button down shirt

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A lightweight, simple white button down shirt makes a good pair for a summer hat. The simplicity helps you fight the scorching sun while looking absolutely charming. Depending on where you are heading, you can complete the look with shorts, denims or skirts.

With a bathing suit

Bathing suit

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Heading to the beach? Summer hats and bathing suits are best friends so don’t ever separate them!

With a loose dress

Loose dress

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For the ultimate relaxed appearance, wear your panama or fedora hat with a loose dress. Sipping your coconut or pineapple juice at the beach club while enjoying your time will never look more relaxed than this.

With a romper


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Want to ooze the trendy vibe? Embrace the romper trend and complete it with your cute summer hats.

With white dress and denim


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You can’t go wrong styling your flowy white dress with a denim jacket and a summer hat. Choose some flip-flop or sandal to finish the relaxed look or wear your white sneakers to bring the outfit to a night outing.

With a graphic tee

Graphic tee

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Your graphic tee look doesn’t have to be so basic: style it with a summer hat as your prefer accessory and wear some shorts or even floral skirt and boots for the best summer vibe.

With a floral dress

Floral dress

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Need some vintage or boho vibe this summer? Wear your floral dress with a summer hat and complete the look with the appropriate vintage accessories.

With a maxi dress

Maxi dress

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Enjoying the summer means wearing your loose maxi dress comfortably and moving around freely! To add some style to the casual look while protecting your skin, wear it with some summer hats and bright lipsticks.