8 Inspiring Work Outfits for Men Wearing Grey Trousers

8 Inspiring Work Outfits for Men Wearing Grey Trousers

Grey pants become one of the alternative pants beside black pants for men. This pants can make men performance look different than wear the black one. But, you have to be able to mix and match what to wear along with grey pants. Here are some examples of mixing cloth with grey pants.

  1. Elegant Look Outfit

Elegant look outfit

Try different color to make elegant look outfit today. Here, you can try to wear green Merino V-neck. Don’t forget to apply white shirt inside. A wool grey trouser will be great to be combined with leather boots.

  1. Pop Color Look Outfit

Pop color look outfit

Combination of white and light green pattern shirt may give you great looking with your soft gray pants. If you like to wear another shade of green, it may be your own style. Grey and green will make you shiny.

  1. Monochromatic Outfit

Monochromatic outfit

Perfect combination of grey pants and black shirt will make you look cool. It is better than wearing black trousers and black shirt which will make you look too dark or overpower. Try this outfit along with dark shoes and a black watch.

  1. Awesome Look Outfit

Awesome Look Outfit

Long coat will give your great looking. Make your appearance awesome by pulling on your grey pants along with a crisp shirt. Make it more perfect by applying a nice long coat. You will look smart officer by this work outfit style.

  1. Formal Look Outfit

Formal look outfit

Raise your personal look by applying grey blazer along with grey pants. Make it more stylish by wearing sweet brown shoes. You don’t need to wear belt by this kind of trousers.

  1. Neutral Look Outfit

Neutral look outfit

Dare to look different at your office? May be this style will work for you. Just try to wear grey jeans with white, cognac, or cream for an all-neutrals look. Enjoy your day at work by this simple style.

  1. Foolproof Office Look Outfit

Foolproof office look

This style is to feel work at home. You can try this semi formal outfit but still professional. White shirt with grey pants will be fit with blazer; you can wear black blazer or other color as well.

  1. Ready to Work Look Outfit

Ready to work look outfit

A print or pattern shirt can be mixed with a solid piece. Wear tie with pin to make you look more professional officer but still with trendy style. This will be fit on anybody with any color of skin. Don’t be worry whether you are black or colored people.