10 Stylish Ways to Wear A Sports Jersey

10 Stylish Ways to Wear A Sports Jersey

Athletic and casual attire has become increasingly modern over the years. With this trend, even sports shirts became fashionable. Real sports jerseys are not considered a wardrobe must-have among the style set. But we’ve discovered it’s possible to take a shirt from the team of your choice and turn in into an outfit MVP with the right inspiration. For the ladies that want to hop on this trend you can simply borrow it from your boyfriend’s closet (or buy one as a good investment) and style it in one of the following ways.

Tuck It In

Jersey look 1

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When it’s a loose shirt, the best thing to do is tuck it into a pair of high-waisted pants, and accessorize. Throw in some bling in the mix and you’re good to go.

As A Dress

Jersey look 2

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Super oversized jersey? Why not? Just wear it as a dress! Glam it up with stilettos, and accessorize with oversized shades and a shoulder bag. Part sexy, part sporty

With Jeans

Jersey look 3

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For a sporty look casual, you can rely on jeans. Keep your feminine side with handbags and heels.

Pencil Skirt

Jersey look 4

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It’s the unexpected combination here: jersey plus pencil skirt, that makes this look work. It’s a little bit office, a little bit street.

Mini Skirt

Jersey look 5

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Wearing a jersey with a mini skirt will make you look cute. big necklaces can be a choice of accessories, noticeable but not excessive.

Boyfriend Jeans

Jersey look 6

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For a comfy look, throw on your jersey with a pair of boyfriend jeans. After all, the temps will drop later in the season and you’re going to need something to keep your legs warm in the stadium.


Jersey look 7

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This is a simple yet chic jersey look. High messy bun your oversized (or boyfriend’s) jersey,  your favorite black leggings and sneakers.


Jersey look 8

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Wear a blazer over a jersey and suddenly it’s a polished look. Or you can simply drape it over your shoulder as an accent.

As An Outer

Jersey look 9

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You can wear your softball jersey as an outer for your crop top or your tank top. This is an easy style to wear if after the game you will be partying with your friends.